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22 April 2018
Five Years of the DRUSSA Programme Print
Monday, 10 October 2016 00:11 has been the digital hub for twenty two developmentally oriented universities in twelve countries in sub-Saharan Africa.  All but one of the programme’s collaborating partners are located in sub-Saharan Africa too.   CREST [live link] at the University of Stellenbosch will continue to offer the Research Uptake and Impact specialism in it M. Phil in Science and Technology Studies. OSD [live link] has taken the Communication and Engagement role and has been both a learning resource and a learner in this role.  The ACU, in addition to co-ordinating the organizational change initiatives chosen by each university and the demand-side pilot in Uganda and Ghana that has linked users of research evidence with producers of research evidence, has been the accountable grantholder and liaison with the funder, UKAID in the UK.    The programme is featured in the UK government’s DevTracker [live link]

Since the launch of in June 2012 the blogsite has featured news about programme activities, and increasingly, stories written by DRUSSA team members from the universities about research uptake projects that have had impact on stakeholder communities, businesses and policymakers.

From 1 October 2016, for a year,  remains live but inactive. All the publications and documents in the open access blogsite will  remain available  and downloadable for a year.’s network of visitors and users can choose to return here [live link] or go to the newly published Learning Resource [live link]


Learning Resource

An open access Learning Resource{live link] has been curated from key documents and online courses featured on and this is available on the ACU’s website[live link].


Research Uptake going forward

DRUSSA has connected with existing networks with a mandate to share knowledge about getting developmental research into use to impact on poverty reduction initiatives.  The programme has also benefited from its strong association with the SSA regional research and innovation management associations (RIMA’s) – SARIMA, WARIMA, CARIMA and EARIMA – there are strong indications that Research Uptake is now recognized to be a specialist area that has been included in initiatives to professionalise Research Management.


The DRUSSA universities

The buy-in and support for the DRUSSA programme in the twenty-two universities has been exceptional.  The university’s co-investment in Research Uptake Management by aligning and adapting university-wide functions, creating new positions, expanding existing positions, adopting policies and regulations that embed research uptake as a core function bodes well for a lasting legacy.



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